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2408 Kalm St.

Beaded Bracelet Set of 2

Beaded Bracelet Set of 2

Imagine a bracelet that’s not just a piece of jewelry but a canvas of self-expression. With the ability to customize up to three elements, you become the designer of your own elegant story. Choose your colors, gemstone types, or craft an overall aesthetic that resonates with your soul.

Every gemstone is handpicked, every detail meticulously crafted to align with your vision. Whether you prefer the calming blues of aquamarine, the fiery passion of garnet, or the timeless elegance of pearls, the choice is yours. Mix and match to create a piece that reflects your style, your personality, and your aspirations.

**Read before ordering** Set of 2 Stone Bracelets. Metal Spacers (With or Without Rhinestones), 2408 Keepsake Charm. Please be specific with the bead colors (e.g., Dark Green, Pearl White, etc.) If there is a specific stone you want, please include that with your bead colors (e.g., Amethyst, Tiger Eye, etc.) Maximum 3 colors. Please put your color choices in the box below. 

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